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What is C2030?

The Board of Directors of CEOE-CEPYME Cantabria unanimously approved in January 2018, the impetus and availability to Cantabrian society of the C2030 initiative. The objective was to offer businesses and sectors closely linked to the Cantabrian economy an instrument that would chart the region's itinerary towards growth and development of its potential, always with a long-term timeframe and perspective and looking for a meeting point between the needs of today and the technological,

environmental and social challenges and opportunities that are already in sight and that will determine the competitiveness of the territory in the 2030 scenario. With this decision, CEOE-CEPYME assumes the responsibility of actively contributing to the economic development of Cantabria, providing valuable work that serves as a guide for decision-making and that has resulted in a route developed and shared by the majority of the business, economic and knowledge industry/fabric of the region.


The main companies, universities, tech and innovation centres in the region are taking part in the elaboration process and are also integrated into the activity of the three levers of transformation.

The goals of Cantabria 2030 for 2021 are to consolidate the participation of those stakeholders and public administration bodies as well as to boost the engagement and commitment of Cantabrian business of the development of the region.