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The Cantabria 2030 management model is a key factor for the success of the project

The Technical Committee, presided by Enrique Conde, directs and is the backbone for the evolution of Cantabria 2030. Alongside him, Andrés Gómez Bueno, member of the CEOE Executive Committee, Isabel Cuesta, CEOE Director-General, Antonio Cornadó, Head of Communication, and Pedro Lanza, director of the Project Office.

Finally, the Technical Committee is composed of three mentors, one for each transformation lever. These mentors are professionals with extensive experience in the development of the initiatives related to the strategic lines and objectives of their respective levers. The mentors are the following:

Work Teams

Each mentor has, within their transformation lever, specific work groups to promote or develop specific projects or actions. These groups are made up of representatives of the main companies, universities, technology and innovation centres in the region.

Project office

For 2021, the objectives of Cantabria 2030 are to consolidate the participation of these agents and public administration bodies and increase the involvement and commitment of Cantabrian companies to the development of the region.