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Talent and

People are a fundamental axis in any business and sector strategy for the future. In this sense, it is necessary to develop a model of collaboration between companies and educational institutions that allows new professional skills into the educational model.


The Cantabrian Talent Network abroad is the most important influence and professional relationship group in Cantabria.

It continues growing and generating many initiatives aimed at highlighting Cantabrian talent and supporting companies in their growth , internationalization and export processes: CEOE Conecta, Business Ambassadors and the Cantabrian Talent Transfer Exchange (BTTC) are some of these initiatives.

The Cantabrian Talent Network CantabriaIN is the Network of business people and managing directors of Cantabria in Spain.

It brings together the part of our talent that develops its professional and business career anywhere across the whole country. This Network has a fundamental objective: to attract projects and investment to Cantabria.

The university-company collaboration space already has success stories featuring one of our universities and leading companies in strategic sectors, for training and innovation programs.