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Cantabrian Talent
Transfer Exchange

The Cantabrian Talent Transfer Exchange (BTTC) is a professional communication space created from Cantabria 2030 for the Cantabrian Talent Network Abroad.

What is it?

We want this group of the most important influence and professional relationships in the region to have a place where professional and business opportunities can be transmitted and shared for members of the Network registered on the map. Each member of the network may upload an opportunity -an offer- or take an interest in other opportunities.

Cantabrian companies with commercial or strategic needs in any country in the world will also participate.

The Cantabrian Talent Transfer Exchange (BTTC) is a networked space where professional relationships are created, opportunities are developed and valuable information is shared. A tool that aims to multiply all the talent there is on the Network.

How does it work?

Members of the Cantabrian Talent Network Abroad and businesses in the region interested and registered at will be able to upload opportunities -tickets- with limited content and extension- Tickets will be published for a limited time, not exceeding one month, on this same website.

The tickets published in this section will be viewed by anyone who accesses the Cantabrian Talent Transfer Exchange (BTTC).

To publish a ticket you have to log in as a user, if you are not yet registered.

Old Tickets